About Isla Mujeres

White Sand Beaches Wedding Destination
Once a sleepy fishing village catering too backpackers and adventurers looking for a place to disconnect from the modern world, Isla Mujeres, Mexico has blossomed to become the shining star along the Mayan Riviera. You feel the energy of Isla Mujeres as soon as you pull into the UltraMar Ferry in Puerto Juarez, a quick 20 min shuttle ride outside the hustle and bustle of the Cancun airport. Even the ferry ride, a short 25 minute ride across the crystal clear Gulf of Mexico waters feels like a dream. Before you know it, you are here. Welcome to paradise. For most expats, Isla Mujeres has become part of what they consider home. A Caribbean island that has yet to succumb to influences of the outside world. With there being so many reasons why we think Isla Mujeres is the ideal location for an island wedding, we wanted to highlight a few of our favourite parts of Isla and why it is our #1 choice for a destination wedding.
Playa Norte is the main beach attraction on an island full of beach options. Some of our favourite beachside lounges line Playa Norte, all offering their own speciality cocktails, fresh juices, food and music. One of our favourite locations hosting a wedding or event is Guru Beach Club. Located on the very northern tip of the Isla, there are few other places you can relax, sip on hand crafted cocktails while watching the sun dip into the Caribbean Sea. For those who are looking for a more private experience, there are beach clubs, lounges and private villas located along Punta Sur (South Point) that will help you and your party forget the world exists. Whatever beach scene you desire, Isla has it.
The most important part of a destination wedding? Lodging. Isla Mujeres features a long list of boutique hotels, private cliff side villas and beach front bungalows perfect for a safe, private and intimate wedding or event. There is an overwhelming sense of security and safety on Isla that lends itself to the reputation that Isla Mujeres has built over the years. A safe paradise just far enough off the map where you can leave the stress at home and escape into an island paradise. What’s not to love! Sit back, relax and create memories that will last a lifetime. Make Isla Mujeres your destination wedding location today, you won’t regret it! Much love from all of us at The Palm Atelier!
Let’s be honest, it’s the beaches. Year after year, Playa Norte (North Beach) has been ranked in the top 10 of beaches on the planet for a very good reason, it is absolute paradise. Impossibly blue waters, white sand beaches that seemingly stretch forever, Playa Norte is one of the best places in the world to catch a day buzz or lazily spend an afternoon with family and friends as you dip your toes in the sand. Safe, family friendly and every amenity you could imagine within reach.
Isla Mujeres restaurant and nightlife is all that it is cracked up to be and more. When we say you have options, we mean it. A busy downtown scene is chock full of energy and culinary options created by Italian, Israeli, Argentine and American owned restaurants mixing in perfect harmony with local Mexican restaurants and we haven’t even mentioned the Mexican street food that can be found all over the island. After your meal, the night comes alive with music and dancing from one end to the other. Cruise from bar to bar tasting tequilas and mezcals or simply pull up to a bar and try your hand at dancing salsa, samba or merengue. Head to one of the many hostels and lounges and mingle with backpackers and travellers from around the world while house music echoes throughout the palm trees. Before you know it, you are sitting on the cliffs at Punta Sur (South Point) while the sun is rising over the ocean, kissing the country of Mexico for the first time each day. There are few words that can describe the feeling of sun kissed cheeks after a long night of dancing and laughter.